Apple Unveils: New MacBook Pro, AirPods 3

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro AirPods 3

After long built-up rumors, AirPods 3 greets us with new spatial audio technology

M1 Chip MacBook Pro

The first major MacBook Pro update in years was the marquee news from Apple’s Monday event.

There are now two models of MacBook Pro: A 14-inch and a 16-inch model, each powered by Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. 

The laptop looks distinctly different from the prior model, with the touch bar removed, a variety of ports along both sides, and a streamlined body design. The bezel around the laptop’s screen has been reduced dramatically. Rather than a camera cutout within the bezel at the top of the screen, there’s an iPhone-style notch built in.

Apple said its new M1 Pro and Max chips enable the new MacBook Pro models to be significantly more powerful than the most powerful version of the prior MacBook Pro model. 

Both of the new laptop models are available for pre-order starting on Monday, Apple said, with a full launch planned for October 26. The 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1999 and the 16-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2499.

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro AirPods 3

AirPods 3

The 3rd gen AirPods now offer spatial audio which provides an immersive audio experience with dynamic head tracking. According to Apple, it uses a custom driver and a high dynamic range amplifier that provides powerful bass with crisp and clean high frequencies. It also gets dual beamforming microphones as well as an inward-facing microphone.

On top of that, it also gets Adaptive EQ which tunes the sound in real-time based on how the AirPods are fitted into your ear. The stems are shorter than the original AirPods design and they come with force sensors to control your music playback and calls, just like the AirPods Pro.

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