Apple 2021 March Event Rumors

Following the sensational M1 reveal last year, heads are turned as we look forward to the first 2021 Apple Event

As it is, there are no defined dates revealed from the officials as to when the next Apple event will be set on. Initially, all rumors point towards March 16 as many leakers also provide the same claim but at the end of the day, these are all merely speculations from unverified sources. However, there is no reason to assume that it should not be in the coming months as we are already approaching the end of February this year.

In 2019, apple announced Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and the first Apple credit card, the Apple Card. In 2020 last year, the new versions of MacBook armed with the M1 processor as well as the new iPads. What should we expect to see in 2021?

The New Airpods

The AirPods was first released in December 13th of 2016 and ever since then it has established a mainstream presence all over the world. You see it in photoshoots, tech previews, films and all mediums and has cemented an up to 29% market share in the wireless earphones market – that is impressive.

The AirPods Pro was a later design with improved noise-canceling capabilities was debuted in October 30th of 2020, nearly four years after the first AirPods. Although it hasn’t been four years since, there are many signs that point to a new AirPod. Rumors are spatial audio using accelerometers and gyroscopes will be implemented to give a virtual surround sound effect when watching supported movies and TV shows on an iPhone or iPad.

Redesigned iMac

This could not come any sooner, the iMac has always been regarded as an extremely bulky device with a humongous bezels – of course made up for its impressive functionalities and wide use in the media world.Apple could release a redesigned iMac with a larger and near-bezel-less display. Other features likely will include Apple’s M1 chipset and potential support for Face ID, though this one is an unverified rumor.


For two years now there have been circulating rumors of Apple announcing brand new AirTags. These would be tiny Bluetooth trackers that attach to our belongins such as wallets, backpacks, keys or bikes — aand allow easy tracking using Apple’s FindMy app. Essentially a security device built for convenience and ease of use. After all, there is space enough in the market for these products to potentiallt take off if executed well.

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