Announcement of Dota 2’s 2021 Pro Circuit

Valve Announces the timeline for the postponed International 10

After what was a very turbulent year for most sports league and e-sports league, Valve has announced their plans for the next season of the pro circuit. The International 10 will be extended to the year 2021 instead of the originally planned 2020. pro circuit will be readjusted accordingly to accommodate the teams that will not be able to play in LAN events.

image from Valve’s official Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2021 blog post

Allocated timetable for Pro Circuit 2021

2021 will have the pro circuit divided into two seasons that will be accompanied by a major after each regular season has concluded. To accommodate for each season’s viewing time as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 viewership distribution, Valve has deployed a timetable for the tournaments. The timetable is as seen above, with weekend priority games given to Tier 1 viewership. Still, Tier 2 will receive even distribution on Saturdays which is a healthy decision for the Dota 2 scene as a whole.

Pro Circuit Reset

One of the most major changes heading into 2021,  will be the negation of the previous season’s points which are used to seed teams into the various leagues and its divisions. This is due to the large amount of roster changes and instability as a whole across the scene, especially in the Tier 2 division.

Valve has decided that it will select the deserving Top 4 teams “in best form” from each region and slot them for the upper-division. For the remaining 12 slots in both divisions, open qualifiers will be played as usual to determine the arrangements.

Team Distribution & Relegation

Here are the distribution of region slots for both upper & lower division, sorted by region:

  • European region: 4 slots
  • China region: 4 slots
  • SEA region: 3 slots
  • CIS region: 3 slots
  • North American region: 2 slots
  • South American region: 2 slots

There will be relegation in 2021, similar to the previous season. This means that the bottom two teams in the Upper Division will get bumped down to the Lower Division. Those Lower Division teams that finish in the Top 2, will be promoted to the Upper Division. The bottom two teams from the Lower Division will be kicked from the league with qualifiers that follow to select next season’s slots.

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