An Exploration of New Online Casinos in Japan

An Exploration of New Online Casinos in Japan

Online gambling is a global phenomenon, but the rules and regulations surrounding casino and sports betting sites vary considerably between countries.

In Japan, there may be a long history with gambling, but modern governments have preferred to severely restrict just how much gambling and betting Japanese citizens are permitted to do.

This is slowly changing, with several enormous casino resorts planned to be built around the country. But what is the situation with online gambling? In the influx of new online casinos, do we find any Japanese new online casinos?

Japanese new online casinos – legal or not?

Technically speaking, online casinos are not legal in Japan. However, the laws preventing them are firmly aimed at providers rather than players. What this means in practice is that, while there are no online casinos that operate from Japan, many foreign sites welcome Japanese players. Those who choose to use these offshore operators face the negligible risk of prosecution.

Despite the fact that gambling has always been wildly popular in Japan, overseas casino sites have been slow to provide a good service to players in the country. Until recently, Japanese online casino users have had to put up with poor translations, no customer service in Japanese, and a lack of original content.

Thankfully this is no longer the case, and casino fans in the country can now find a large number of existing and new online casinos with exclusively curated content for the Japanese market. This includes popular games, special bonuses and promotions, transactions in yen, and the availability of Japanese-speaking live dealers and support agents.


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