Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The best heroes to navigate

With the release of Aghanims Labyrinth Apprentice and Magician, we took a deeper look into the game to help you navigate through it better.

Over the years, Valve has introduced a lot of event games in Dota 2, and while most of them have been fun, Aghanim’s Labyrinth possibly gets a slight edge over the rest. Knowing the popularity of the game, Valve brought it back, after it was first introduced in the TI10 Battle Pass in mid 2020. Back then, the final objective was to take out Aghanim himself. This time, however, we are fighting for Aghanim! The rest of the game is quite similar though, although there are slight variations in the levels and the break rooms between the levels. A few new heroes have been introduced to the game, and the old ones are available as well, though they need to be unlocked.

This year for Aghanim’s Labyrinth – The Continuum Conundrum, there are a total of 29 heroes. Of those, the 14 new ones are available to everyone, while the 15 old ones can be unlocked through Battle Pass levels or by garnering Aghanim’s Shards.

Best Composition – Apprentice

The best composition for Apprentice, however, goes to the quartet of Juggernaut, Queen of Pain, Undying and Phoenix. The best composition is based on the rating, which is calculated as a combination of match count and win rate. Undying is an amazing hero for the game because of his tanking capabilities, and Phoenix can keep healing him due to Sun Ray’s percentage heal. All bosses in the game have a very low magic resistance, so having heroes with a combination of physical and magic damage (or to be honest, just continuous magic damage) is advantageous, and it is just what Juggernaut and Queen of Pain provide. Juggernaut also serves as a great team healer, thanks to Healing Ward.

Void Spirit makes an appearance in quite a few of the teams with the best composition, and the reason for that is the fact that not only does he have a lot of continuous magic damage, but he also has multiple escape spells, which are useful in getting out of dicey situations, especially against bosses.


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