Ace Round Slot Game Review

Ace Round Slot Game

Developed by Evoplay, Ace Round takes the style of console games such as Call of Duty and transfers it to an exciting online slot game. It’s filled with guns, grenades, S.W.A.T. teams and terrorists, so will appeal to the gaming crowd as well as anyone who just likes shooting stuff and blowing things up. Read our full review of Ace Round Slot Game.

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Ace Round Gameplay

It’s a 5-reel game, where players are looking to land 3 or more matching symbols across adjacent reels on any of the 20 paylines to get a win. There’s a wide bet range, from the low limit of just 0.5 per coin to 10.00 per coin, although free Ace Round video slot games are available if you just want to try it out before making real wagers.

The symbols in the Ace Round video slot mostly consist of various items needed to dispatch the other side, and the lowest value winning combinations are created when a handgun with silencer, or pump-action shotgun land in the right places. Punters will get 2x their line bet when 3 of either symbol appear, while 4 or 5 are each worth 15 or 60x the amount staked per line.

In-Game Grenade Bonuses

There’s some potentially rewarding features to enjoy whenever special grenade symbols turn up. The red Fire grenade burns away the bottom row of symbols, and those above drop down into the empty spaces, but if that creates another winline, it happens again, up to a maximum of 5 times over.

Smoke grenades fill the screen with, unsurprisingly, smoke, and once it clears players will see that all symbols will have changed, which will hopefully lead to another win. The HE grenade blasts away between 6 and 9 random symbols, replacing them with a new set, and this can also lead to new winning lines being formed, although it’s not actually guaranteed.

Slot Game Bonus Feature

There’s 4 wild symbols here, with a S.W.AT. member and a terrorist each getting their own during the main game and in the free spins rounds, while throughout the bonus games, players can also see hostage or bomb wild symbols on the reels.

The S.W.AT. wild will only land on reel 1, on the left side, but when he does the reels will continue to re-spin for free as he moves across them 1 at a time. If another S.W.AT. wild appears, the reel re-spins will continue until there’s none left in view. The terrorist wild does much the same thing, but he starts on the right side and moves steadily across to the left.

It all gets even more interesting if both wilds have appeared, as when they collide, free spins bonus games are triggered. If the S.W.A.T. wild overlaps the terrorist when they meet, 3 free spins are awarded, during which 5 random symbols are replaced by the hostage wild symbol for each spin. If the terrorist overlapped the S.W.A.T. wild there’s a bonus of 10 free spins and whenever the bomb wild completes a winning line, the value is subject to a multiplier of 5x.

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