7 Tips To Start Winning At Online Roulette

Love to play roulette online but never seem to win?  You are not alone. Many players never quite grasp the secret to winning the roulette wheel online. The truth is, there are many tips to winning and enjoying the best online roulette games you’ve ever had. Don’t let the croupier win all your money, learn the seven winning strategies below and you could be on your way to recouping your funds.  

1. Understand the odds

You may not win big just by knowing the odds, but it’ll certainly help you make informed decisions when playing a casino game like online roulette.  Primarily, placing your chip on one number limits your chance of winning while splitting the bet across several numbers on the roulette increases the odds.  If you have been banking on winning a big payout with a single bet, you’ll be disappointed to know that when playing online roulette in Malaysia, it is easier to win by betting on multiple numbers.  

2. Try different online roulette betting systems

Some players who bet on roulette wheels online follow a specific betting system such as the Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, James Bond or Labouchere. There isn’t a system that guarantees a winning streak and the choice largely depends on the players and their strategies. If you have not had a chance to dabble with different betting systems while playing roulette online, exploring various methods may land you one that works in your favour.  

3. Don’t bother with roulette tricks 

Learn to enjoy the best online roulette games without trying to ‘cheat’ the system.  There were players who attempted to tamper with the game and ended up getting banned from the casinos altogether. Furthermore, the biased wheels phenomenon that occasionally occurs in live casinos which trigger massive winnings, can never happen in an online roulette in Malaysia.  The online roulette wheel uses a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin and not physics, this means every game is completely random.  Manipulating such games would be quite impossible. 

4. Know the roulette variations 

Different roulette variations can impact the payout and odds of winning.  Having a clear understanding of the different variations is essential for winning casino games like online roulette.  Traditionally, there are two main variations – the European and American, and the odds of winning with European Roulette are generally higher than the American one.  There are many more varieties for online roulette in Malaysia, some even give out jackpot prizes.  So, before betting your money on a game, study the roulette variations, because it can increase your chance of winning.

5. Don’t get carried away

Always start your game by setting a loss or win limit.  This will help you exercise financial prudence and not get carried away. Gaming can be an emotional process and players tend to get triggered to chase after winnings or losses when they’re not mindful.  When you set a limit, it can work as a control mechanism to signal you to stop playing before you get hooked. 

6. Perfect your strategy with free online games

Online roulette in Malaysia usually comes with free games that you can practise with before betting.  Take advantage of these free plays because these games let you perfect your strategy and get familiar with the roulette variation and betting system to ensure you have a higher success rate when you start playing for real money.

7. Play at trusted online casinos 

Do your research to make sure you are signing up only with legitimate online casinos that you can trust your money with. There are many scam sites out there that may disappear overnight and when that happens the chances of recovering your money or withdrawing your winnings would be slim.  Before you create an account, look out for players’ reviews on trusted sites like GamingSafe, licenses, customer service, company background and registration processes. These factors may reveal some insights into the authenticity of the online casino. 

Visit GamingSafe now for more gaming guides and reliable reviews on online casinos in Malaysia.

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