7 Things You Should Never Do At Online Casinos: Tips For Responsible Gambling

7 Things You Should Never Do At Online Casinos: Tips For Responsible Gambling

Online casino games have been gaining popularity with the growing number of internet users.  Especially with COVID-19 still keeping us homebound, online gambling in Malaysia has become a great way for players to pass time. However, online casino games can be addictive and it is extremely important to gamble responsibly.  Whether you’re new to online casinos in Malaysia or a seasoned gambler, read on because we’ve listed seven important things you should never do. 

1. Setting high expectations

Be realistic about your goals. Don’t assume that online gambling in Malaysia can turn you into an overnight millionaire and neither should you quit your day job thinking that once you hit the jackpot, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. All casinos, whether online or offline, have a certain level of house edge that’ll put you in a disadvantageous position in the long run. You may win at times, but you’ll certainly make losses along the way too. 

2. Falling for ads that seem too good to be true

As the gaming industry grows, more illegal syndicates are deploying fake ads and fancy prizes to entice online players.  These syndicates would request for victims to open a betting account on their platforms and make deposits that would eventually be unrecoverable. Safeguard your interest by only engaging with Malaysia online casinos that are legitimate and don’t fall prey to random ads from unknown sources. Legal casinos that operate Malaysia online gambling sites would always list their license, contact information, and payment methods on their websites for easy verification.  

3. Playing when you’re emotional

Leave your emotions out of the equation when you’re betting because the overwhelming notion of winning or losing can often lead players to make wrong decisions. In Malaysia, online gambling can be such a thrill that many would end up overextending their bankroll but later regret their decisions. The best way to get around this is to set a limit (whether based on winnings, losses or number of games) before you play in an online casino in Malaysia.  That way, you’ll have more discipline to walk away without getting hooked.

4. Wagering beyond your budget 

Don’t wager more than what you can afford should always be the first rule of thumb for players who gamble on Malaysia online casinos. Treat online casino games as ways to unwind and have fun instead of stressful money-making gigs.  Importantly, avoid the “all in” betting style in the hope of a big win, it seldom works and many end up regretting their decision when they eventually get into financial troubles that are difficult to get out of.  

5. Playing without reading the fine print 

Online gambling in Malaysia comes with many terms and conditions that should not be neglected.  Players often punch in their details and check the boxes without reading the fine prints.  This can cause a myriad of problems later when they start betting because these terms can impact the withdrawal of winnings and chargeable fees.  Making sure you know what you are signing up for is the best bet to put you in a secure position.  

6. Sharing false personal information

When you set up an online casino account with false information in the hope of remaining anonymous, you’re increasing your chance of being identified as a fraudulent party. This behaviour can trigger the casino’s scam alert and prevent you from withdrawing your deposits or accessing your account. Additionally, you could even infringe on the legal aspects of the online gambling site and trigger legal proceedings or a shut down of your account.    

7. Banking on pure luck

Gambling is not about banking on your luck; don’t start placing your bets unless you’ve thoroughly studied the game and developed a sound strategy around it. Also, don’t bet your entire savings account just because you’re on a winning streak. This is dangerous and often gets players into financial crises.  Relying on luck won’t land you a pot of gold in the long run, instead, gambling responsibly and managing your impulses to chase winnings or losses could put you in a much better financial position.  

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