7 Sins Slot Game Review

7 Sins Slot

7 Sins is a video slot game developed by Play’nGo and inspired by the story of the 7 deadly sins. This would seem a little ironical to talk about sins in a gambling context, but the game manages to give players an excuse to have fun and win big in a beautiful graphic environment and an easy gameplay.

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Doing a Little Soul-Searching

7 Sins is a relatively simple-looking game, with few background features but still impressive graphics.

7 Sins Slot

The reels and command bar take the centre of the game screen, framed by delicate golden ornaments. The background is a dark and red flowing mass that looks like fire and smoke. The overall atmosphere is rather unique and feels a little decadent, which is probably the point after all.

7 Sins is visually unique and will catch the eye of many players right away, proving that you do not necessarily need a detailed background to do so. Now let’s see how the game behaves once the reels are spinning.

One Straight Path to Redemption

7 Sins sticks to easy rules and gives players plenty of winning possibilities right from the start. All you need to do is go through the command bar and spin the reels.

The game is played across 5 reels in total, with 243 different ways to win available. This implies that 7 Sins does not rely on paylines at all. Instead, winning combinations of adjacent symbols anywhere on the screen will count as valid and trigger a cash prize. The command bar only contains predetermined cash amounts that you can select as your next wager before spinning the reels to get the game started.

The future cash rewards that you will score in 7 Sins are determined by the symbol combinations and your starting bet as well. This implies that the more money you risk on the reels, the more you can win in return. Use the arrows

to reveal all the wagers available and work your way to the right side of the list to find the most ambitious wagers. Besides, 7 Sins also features an autospin game mode, which is designed to let the reels spin loose with a constant bet.

Heaven or Hell

7 Sins Slot

The basic paytable of 7 Sins is split into two different categories of reel symbols, some more common that others. The first symbols on the list are the 4 traditional suits of cards. Hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds will appear quite often and trigger rewards going up to 35 credits, based on a bet of one credit on the reels.

The rest of the paytable features the famous 7 deadly sins, represented by 7 different women. Gluttony, sloth, lust, wrath, greed, envy and vanity come in different colours to make them easier to identify right away. The maximum reward on the same settings is 250 credits, which is probably not as much as you would have expected. So let’s move on to the hidden features of 7 Sins next.

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