7 Fascinating Casino Superstitions You Didn’t Know About

Many players who love online gambling in Malaysia may not admit this, but they’ll always have a set of superstitious rules that govern their gaming behaviour. Some may knock on wooden furniture to ward off bad luck while others secretly don on red undergarments in the hope of bringing fortuitous winnings at their next online casino game. Want to learn some of these gambling superstitions to see if they’ll work for you too? Here are 7 of them that you may want to take note of.

1. Red brings luck. 

Red is a colour of passion, love and seduction, but according to Chinese traditions, red is more than that – it is also an auspicious colour that brings good luck and prosperity. This is why many players at Malaysia online casinos often wear red clothing, underwear and accessories, hoping that the vibrant hue will increase their chances of winning at online casino games.

2. Do not cross your legs at the gambling table. 

Contrary to the belief that crossing fingers can help to seal a deal, it is not quite the same for crossing legs. In the world of online gambling in Malaysia, superstitious players believe that crossing their legs while gambling may cancel good luck and significantly reduce their winning odds. However, this seems to oppose Sadhguru’s explanation of how a cross-legged posture enables a person to receive higher dimensions of energies from the universe. Not sure which belief is correct? Try it out at your next gambling session at a Malaysian online casino to find out for yourself.

3. 4 and 13 are unlucky numbers. 

‘4’ is regarded as an inauspicious number for Chinese because the pronunciation in Mandarin and some Chinese dialects sounds like the word for death. For that matter, many players embarking on online gambling in Malaysia tend to avoid the number and other extensions like ‘14’ and ‘24’.On the other hand, the Western culture sees the number ‘13’ as bad luck and a sign of misfortune. It is a common practice in some Western societies to take this to the next level by skipping the 13th storey in the buildings or avoiding hotel rooms with the number ‘13’.

4. 7 is a lucky number. 

If there are inauspicious numbers, there must be lucky numbers that will counter them too.‘7’ is such a number that is widely known as the bringer of good luck. The origin seems to stem from the biblical story that God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Not surprisingly, many players at Malaysia online casinos will choose game tables or slot machines with the number ‘7’ on them because it is a sign of prosperity. 

5. Pregnant women bring good luck. 

There is a belief that having a pregnant woman in the house can bring good luck and drive away negative energies. Some superstitious gamblers at Malaysia online casinos also believe that rubbing a pregnant woman’s belly can bring fortuitous luck and help them grow their bankroll with constant winnings.

6. Stay away from a casino if your right hand is itchy. 

In Bulgaria, itchy hands are signs that money might be going out or coming in soon. If you’re just about to log in to an online casino in Malaysia to place a few bets but your right-hand starts to itch, this may be a tell-tale sign to postpone the event. If you proceed, you may end up with a big loss.

Conversely, if your left hand is itching, it may be time to throw in a few more bets because your odds of winning will be high.

7. Don’t walk through the front door of a land-based casino. 

Some online casino game players believe that they will have bad luck if they walk through the front door of a brick-and-mortar casino. This superstition originated from an event in the 1990s where MGM Grand Casino installed a massive lion’s mouth at the main entrance, forcing guests to walk through it before reaching the gaming floor. To those who believe in Feng Shui, this is an act of devouring the gamblers and their bankrolls. Some gamblers eventually walked through the side doors instead to avoid any chance of making any financial loss. 

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