5 Popular Gambling Lucky Charms

When it comes to boosting one’s luck at the gambling table, magic seems to be more sought after than logic. Whether you’re a poker player or prefer to spin the night away at the slot machine, surely you’ve wondered if there is a lucky charm you can bring along to help you win big while gambling at online casino games. Interestingly, there are five charms that many players rely on to make their wishes come true during their online gambling sessions at Malaysia casinos. Superstition or a real good-luck piece? It’s up to you.

1. Four-leaf clover 

You don’t need to be Irish to believe in the power of a four-leaf clover because it is one of the most popular lucky charms known throughout the world. The original three-leaf clover is associated with St Patrick’s Day but the rare four-leaf counterpart is said to be a sign of God’s grace. Not surprisingly, the symbol has quickly gained popularity amongst those who enjoy online gambling in Malaysia and want their share of instant gratification.

It is said that finding a four-leaf clover is a one in 5076 chance. That said, if you chance upon an Irish-themed slot machine with a four-leaf symbol, maybe it’s a sign that you’re going to win big! Alternatively, carrying an ornament with the clover symbol may just bring you the fortune that you seek. 

2. Horseshoe 

A horseshoe is believed to be one of the most powerful good luck charms in folktales. The horseshoe folklore started with Saint Dunstan who was a blacksmith before becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury. He tricked the Devil into nailing a horseshoe on the Devil’s hoof instead of the hoof of his horse and eventually made the Devil promise not to set foot in any house with a horseshoe on the door in exchange for the removal of the horseshoe.   

As the folktale evolves over time, the horseshoe became a symbol of good luck and fortune. Those who enjoyed gambling with online casino games are often seen carrying an upright horseshoe around them for increasing their chances of winning.

3. Laughing Buddha 

The Laughing Buddha is a Chinese monk believed to bring abundance, contentment and well-being. Those who believe in this folklore also believe that rubbing the belly of the statue can help to grant their wishes and bring good fortune. 

Even though the Laughing Buddha was not originally known to be a symbol of wealth, today, more people are choosing to believe that it’s a figure of prosperity. For that reason, many Laughing Buddha statues are now designed with gold nuggets in his hands or gold ingots at his feet to symbolise wealth. 

4. Three-Legged Toad 

The three-legged toad is a Feng Shui charm that’s associated with attracting and protecting wealth. Also known as Jin Chan or Chan Chu, avid players who love gambling with online casino games in Malaysia often bring along the toad figurine as a lucky charm to attract prize money. 

If you want to give it a try to boost your gambling luck, bear in mind that you have to choose a figurine that resembles a bullfrog with red eyes.  It should have only one hind leg, sitting on a pile of cash and a coin in its mouth. 

5. Cat’s Eye Gem

When light is shone on a Cat’s Eye gemstone, it produces a mystical optical effect, known as Chatoyancy, that is similar to light bouncing off a cat’s eye. In fact, the optical phenomenon is so impressive that many believe it is capable of warding off the evil eye or harmful things that can bring misfortune. Some even claimed that keeping a Cat’s Eye gemstone trinket in their pocket is enough to attract wealth and prosperity. So, if you’re planning to hop online to gamble at a Malaysia casino, why not keep a Cat’s Eye gem next to you while you play. It may just give you a lucky break. 

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