5 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Sports Betting

5 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Sports Betting

Sports betting has been a staple for millions of people around the world, from classic sports such as soccer and basketball, to others such as horse racing and F1 racing. With the rise of the shift towards digital comes the growing popularity of online sports betting, both in Malaysia as well as abroad. Here are 5 interesting facts about sports betting and online betting that you might not know about.

1. The global betting industry means big business.

According to research from 2019, the global sports betting industry is worth a whopping $3 trillion! Asia is one of the nations that takes a significant portion of this amount, and it comes as no surprise that soccer is the most popular sport to bet on not just in online betting in Malaysia, but in the world too, with over 3 billion people being fans of soccer. This is reflected in an estimate of global legal betting on soccer being at $110 billion, with bookmakers continually innovating new types of wagers to let gamblers have a shot at making a win.

2. Horse betting began in the 17th century.

A staple of online betting in Malaysia, betting on the outcome of horse races goes way back into the 17th century. While horse racing has been a distinguished history from way back in the days of Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt in the form of chariot and thoroughbred horse races, it was only during the reign of King James I in the UK where horse betting began. Today, horse racing remains a highly popular sport to bet online in Malaysia, with numerous websites dedicated to discussing the performance of jockeys and racehorses.

3. The biggest football bet won was at 500,000 pounds.

Every gambler dreams of making it big, but few can come close to the legendary story of Mick Gibbs, who won 500,000 pounds after placing a 30 pence bet at the odds of 1.6 million to one. He correctly predicted not just the winners of all four professional English soccer leagues and the National League, but he also predicted that of the cricket Country Championship and rugby union Premiership. That said, newcomers to online sports betting in Malaysia will likely perform better in the long run through making controlled bets and on individual matches.

4. The largest jackpot won by a Malaysian was RM 69.6 million.

Closer to home in Malaysia, the top jackpot prize won by a fellow Malaysian was a stunning RM 69.6 million via Sport Toto. It was the lucky man’s first time playing Lotto, and he nearly forgot to check the result of the draw until his friends told him about it. While online betting in Malaysia usually results in a smaller payout, online gamblers all know the thrill of hoping on Lady Luck to smile on them and to win big in their bets.

5. E-Sports betting is the wave of the future.

With everyone being confined indoors due to the global situation, it’s little surprise that E-sports is growing in popularity with online sports betting in Malaysia, due to its digital and remote nature as well as the disruption to many physical sports matches. The global E-sports scene was estimated to hit over $17 billion in 2020, and bookmakers in Malaysia and abroad are eager to step into this new arena of untapped potential.

Looking to start your foray into online betting in Malaysia? Visit Gamingsafe for a comprehensive guide into all sorts of sports betting options in a safe and fun manner.

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